CIAC 1991: Pre-Workshop Meeting

All information here abridged from (and full workshop descriptions can be found in): Recent Advances in Cephalopod Fisheries Biology: Contributed Papers to 1991 CIAC International Symposium and Proceedings of the Workshop on Age, Growth and Population Structure. (1993). T. Okutani, R. K. O’Dor, & T. Kubodera (Eds.). Tokai University Press: Tokyo, Japan, 752 pp.

International Squid Forum in Hakodate

Local Organizer: Tsuneyoshi Suzuki

Co-organizers: Kenji Shimazaki and Yasunori Sakurai

I. Pre-Forum Seminar at Hokkaido University, Faculty of Fisheries (July 3, 1991)

After welcome addresses by the Organizer, Dr. T. Suzuki, and the Dean of Faculty of Fisheries, Prof. Y. Yoneda, three talks were given, each followed by a question and answer session:

  • F. G. Hochberg: Parasites of cephalopods
  • P. G. Rodhouse: Squid fisheries of the south Atlantic Ocean – Present and future
  • P. R. Boyle: Cephalopod life cycle – Growth and reproduction

II. Forum at Hakodate International Hotel (July 4, 1991)

After welcome addresses by the Organizer, Dr. T. Suzuki, the Mayor of Hakodate City, Mr. R. Kidoura, the Governor of Oshima Province, Mr. T. Kondo, and the Chairman of the Hakodate All Fisheries Cooperatives, Mr. Y. Takano, five talks were presented to an audience of the Japanese public numbering more than 300 people.

  • C. F. E. Roper: All Sizes, Shapes and Colors, Diversity in Cephalopods
  • S. v. Boletzky: The Importance of Embryological Studies in Cephalopod Culture and Fishery Biology
  • M. Clarke: Cephalopods, their Predators and Man
  • R. K. O’Dor: Illex illecebrosus and Todarodes pacificus, as “Sister Squids”
  • R. E. Young: Cephalopod Paralarvae

Not presented due to late arrival of speaker:

  • K. N. Nesis: Okhotsk Sea – The Home of Giant Cephalopods