The following is a list of popular fiction (listed by Author) that is inspired by or notably features cephalopods.

Chiang, E. 1998. Story of Your Life. Published in Starlight 2. New York, NY, USA: Tor Books. ISBN-10: 1101972122

Clarke, AC. 1974. The Deep RangeUK: Frederick Muller. ISBN-10: 0575077115

Crichton, M. 1987. Sphere. New York, NY, USA: Knopf. ISBN-10: 0307816486

Fleming, I. 1958. Dr. No. London, UK: Jonathan Cape. ISBN-10: 0718153898

Lovecraft, HG. 1928. Call of CthulhuUS: Weird Tales. ISBN-10: 6050459770 (in a later collection)

Mieville, C. 2010. Kraken. New York, NY, USA: Del Rey, Penguin Random House. ISBN-10: 034549749X

Melville, H. 1851. Moby DickUK: Richard Bentley. ISBN-10: 1542049059

Tennyson, (Lord) A. 1830. The KrakenISBN-10: 1853264148 (in a later collection)

Verne, J. 1870. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. France: Pierre-Jules Hetzel. ISBN-10: 1561563072

Wells, HG. 1896. The Sea Raiders. UK: The Weekly Sun Literary Supplement. ISBN-10: 8822883152

Wyndham, J. 1953. The Kraken Wakes. London, England, UK: Michael Joseph Ltd., now Penguin Books. ISBN-10: 1508479518

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